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Klaus Hofmann Takes the Helm as CCE Group’s Full-Time Group Chief Executive Officer

Klaus Hofmann Takes the Helm as CCE Group’s Full-Time Group Chief Executive Officer

Paris, France, January, 2024 – CCE Group, a pioneering force in the aerospace equipment sector, is excited to announce that Klaus Hofmann is now in the role of full-time Group CEO. Under Hofmann’s visionary leadership, the group is set to strengthen its position in the Cabin & Cargo equipment ecosystem, leveraging its unique portfolio of companies to drive innovation and growth. 

Founded in June 2023, CCE Group emerged as a dynamic entity following the strategic acquisition of AviusULD and Driessen Catering Equipment from Safran Group by Hivest Capital. These companies, leaders in their respective markets, are celebrated for their exemplary performance, unwavering commitment to innovation, and the high quality of their offerings. Their expertise in redefining industry standards has been instrumental in elevating the group’s competitive edge. 

“CCE Group is not just about leading the market; it’s about transforming it. We are at the forefront of unlocking the untapped potential in the aerospace sector, fostering value creation that benefits our customers and stakeholders alike,” said Klaus Hofmann. “Our journey is marked by continuous innovation and a relentless drive to deliver excellence. As we step into this new chapter, our vision is clear – to establish CCE Group as the definitive leader in aerospace cabin and cargo equipment solutions.” 

With its headquarters in Paris, CCE Group boasts a global workforce of over 1,500 employees and has made a significant impact in the industry, generating over $150 million in revenue in 2023 alone. The group’s impressive track record includes delivering more than 2 million products to the market, providing critical solutions to top-tier companies in the aerospace cabin and cargo equipment sector. 

As CCE Group forges ahead, it remains committed to expanding its operations and exploring new partnerships. The company invites businesses seeking to unlock their full potential to explore opportunities for collaboration and growth with CCE Group. 

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