CCE Group

What is CCE Group

What is CCE Group

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Hi, I’m Klaus Hofmann, Group CEO of CCE Group.

I am here today to tell you a little bit more about what we do at CCE Group and our remarkable journey so far.

I have worked in the niche cabin and cargo sector for a long time, and it’s a major passion of mine to find ways to push the industry forward.

So when Hivest Capital offered me the chance to lead CCE Group, I was very excited by the opportunity and the potential for what could be achieved. 

CCE Group was created to be an aerospace equipment platform focusing on the development of companies with leadership positions in niche markets of the Cabin & Cargo equipment ecosystem.

Today, CCE Group proudly spans across five countries, with a dynamic team of over 1,300 employees.

From our headquarters in Paris to our engineering and manufacturing facilities in Thailand, each location plays a pivotal role in our comprehensive approach to serving the cabin and cargo equipment ecosystem. 

In 2023, CCE Group companies generated over 150 million dollars in revenue, serving hundreds of satisfied customers, mainly in the airline, OEM, Lessor, and Freighter sectors.

At CCE Group, we elevate the companies we invest in to unleash the true potential of their value creation possibilities for their customers and stakeholders.

As of the recording of this video, our two major acquisitions so far have been AviusULD & Driessen.

Diving into our product portfolio, it’s evident that our focus on niche markets is paying off. With leadership positions in both lower-deck and main-deck segments, we are not just participating in the market; we are leading it.

Under our stewardship, we are helping AviusULD to revolutionize the ULD industry.

In just twelve months, they have expanded their product portfolio with innovative, industry-leading solutions.

This includes the collapsible AKE container, the award-winning Fire Resistant Container, and groundbreaking SmartULD solutions, which are currently in late stages of development. Stay tuned for more updates on these. 

Driessen is the undisputed market leader in galley equipment solutions with a long and impressive record of success.

This includes creating world-class products like their Hybrite S Trolley as well as their Cool Trolley and Waste Trolley solutions.

Our job at CCE Group is to support them to unleash even more of their value creation potential.   

Looking into the future, Driessen will increasingly connect their products into a digital ecosystem. More to come on this.  

 Our strategy extends beyond current offerings, as we are actively exploring new growth levers and diversification strategies. 

The niche cabin and cargo sector is ripe for disruption and evolution. Whether by air, land or spaceship, CCE Group will play a pivotal role in shaping and guiding the industry for many years to come.

And we are always on the lookout for businesses with the potential to occupy leadership positions in niche markets of the Cabin & Cargo equipment ecosystem. 

If that’s you, reach out and let’s have a chat.  

As an organization with a global reach, we believe that sustainable practices are essential.

We strive to ensure the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, long-term durability, and the highest level of quality in all of our products.

Additionally, we are constantly optimizing our ESG practices around environmental impact, labor rights, ethics, and procurement, highlighting our commitment to transparency and sustainability.

I’m Klaus Hofmann, Group CEO of CCE Group. Thanks for listening and see you again soon.

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